Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mad Tea Party!!! And other ramblings....

Hey darlings :)

Lately I have really gotten into the mood of the Mad Tea Party, and I could not be more excited! The lace, candy colors, cheery music, and tables overflowing with sweets....heaven.

found here

I am so excited to dress up, and I frequently swoon at the thought of all the lace and tulle that is in the near future!
I am thinking of wearing a dress like this:

...very simple, prim, and proper.

But then I would add the Wonderland element by going to town with the makeup, pearl necklaces, and perhaps mint green tights? oh, and hot pink lipstick...

and of course, crazy eye makeup, complete with a beautiful mask

Do these images not make you want to die of excitement??!!

On another note, I am thinking of posting things about makeup, skincare, and room decor...would any of you be interested in that?

For example, I recently purchased this from JC Penny

It now holds all my makeup, jewelry, and nail polish, and has quickly become my favorite thing about my room :)

Also, I could update you all on recent makeup purchases, such as the other day when I went to Target and bought a bunch of Tinker Bell inspired makeup, just for fun (I dont usually have that much money, but I have been babysitting all summer and and have recently found myself having quite a lot of money, at least for a 16 year old girl! :)

well, let me know if this would interest you!

Cya next time!

xoxo, Ariel


  1. I KNOW! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE MAD TEA PARTY TOO! Literally dying of excitement here. I combusted for the third time today. I keep giving people sunburns...

    Anyway, I would LOVE for you to post on makeup! And organization and stuff too would be neat :) I love the bookcase! That is so amazing! And I love Tinkerbell as well :) My favorite fairy! Did you know that the voice of Tinkerbell in the Tinkerbell movies is also the voice of KATARA? or were you the one to tell me that? Haha I can't remember! Sorry if that was a fail...

    Anyway, I hope we can get together soon to plan and prep! And shop, of course :) I love the idea of the mint green tights :) Sounds fabulous! We are going to town with this party!

    Talk to you soon :D

  2. P.S. When I saw that key in the picture I posted, I immediately thought of you! I thought that was your key! Awesome :)

  3. Ohh the colours! So excited for the maddest of parties of the year. That jewelry box is beautiful. I have wanted a big one like that for so long, the kind with doors on the side that opens so you can hang your necklaces. Lovely!