Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of Rainy Days and A (Failed) Road Trip :)

This weekend, a marvolous rainstorm blew in! It was such a treat, dark skies, the sound of rain hitting the roof...

I live in a valley, so we have very poor air quality. Also, we haven't even had a full inch of rain yet, so today was especially wonderful :)

Well, as it so happens, me and my family decided we were going up to Oregon for the weekend, to visit some family.

Sadly, we got halfway up, and then had to stay the night in a hotel because we couldn't make it past the mountains to get into Oregon, it was snowing so heavily!
But, we decided to make the most of it. So, we went to a gas station and bought a bunch of candy, then went back to the hotel and watched movies. So, failed road trip aside, we did get some good family time in after all.

And we finally made it back home, safe and sound :)

Hopefully, I can get my next blog up soon, I have something special planned :) I will talk to you soon lovies!

XOXO, Ariel

Ps. Have a fabulous weekend! Finals are over, and it is time to celebrate!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Wish Jar...

Today, I made a wish jar...

And in this wonderful jar, lie all of the little odds and ends I have around my room.

I have old keys to childhood diaries, a clip with torquoise stones, that I found one day at the playground, and never wore but kept all these years.

I have a walnut that I cracked one day, only to find a heart in the center :)

Old friendship bracelets, a little corked bottle of rose quartz, a perfect seashell, a button, beads, a tiny bow, and all the other things that I have had for years, simply because they made me smile and dream, and above all, they helped me retain my childhood whimsy, the notion that you can do anything you want, if you set your mind to it :)

So, I filled up this adorable little jar with all the bits and pieces that I have collected over the years, and for some reason kept, because they meant somethign to me...even though everything in this jar is completely worthless, they all have great sentimental value

SO, my dear readers, I strongly encourage you to create your own wish jar! Everytime I glance at it, I can't help but smile, because it is so filled with things that I love.

I hope you had a fantastic day (I did, I got my drivers' permit!) and that you will wake up tomorrow with all your childhood fantasies dancing in your heart :)

And to spread the cheer, do something nice for someone, even a random person. Perhaps just a smile to brighten their day, because you never know how needed it could be...

Much love,
Ariel :)

Ps. So sorry for the low quality pictures, Im still trying to figure out the best lighting, and sadly, I am working with a terrible camera :( I hope to change that soon, but in the meantime, please just stick with me

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Escapedes of Luna the Wonderdog and Ariel the Adventurer

Hello all! I have had a marvelous day today and i wanted to share it with you!

It is a new year, with new adventures, and i have decided to take full advantage of that! So, along with my pal, Luna, I decided to see how much trouble i could get into today :)

So, we went for a walk.
And on that walk, we ran into a creature, by the name of Mr. Snuffalobe

Well, Mr. Snuffalobe(Mr. S) decided that i was in need of some adventure(and indeed i was) so he presented me with a key

 He told me to lean in close, so i did, and he whispered into my ear that if i could find the keyhole, i would enter my very own wonderland. The problem was, i only had 24 hours to find it.

24 hours! But, this secret keyhole could be anywhere! It could be in China for all I knew!

However, Mr. S told me not to worry, for he saw the excitement and dismay plain on my face, he wouldn't give me only 24 hours unless he knew i could find it. Well, that made me feel a little better, but we agreed that i had better get started.

Well, m and Luna searched high and low for hours until, i slumped, exhausted, against a tree.
"We will never find it, Luna. It's impossible. "

"Ariel, don't give up yet! Perhaps were looking in all that wrong places. After all, Lewis Carrol's version of wonderland was all In his head. Maybe that's all Mr. S meant. Maybe he meant for you too look deep inside yourself, and realize that Wonderland has been with you all along, and always will be."

Well, that sounded pretty profound to me, so with a little help form dear Luna, I did some major soul searching. Do you want to know what we found?

We realized that all we need to be happy is our own contentment. If we are happy with ourselves, then even in a dark situation, we can create our own light, our own happiness, and we can delve into our own wonderland.

Wonderland does exist, even though it is not tangible to the naked eye. Humans focus so much on seeing and touching things, we need to have proof that  they are really there. When really, all we truly need to do is believe, and it will be.

Mr. Snuffalobe gave me the key to myself, what I needed to unlock the secret part of my mind that has access to Wonderland. It was with me all along.