Monday, January 9, 2012

My Wish Jar...

Today, I made a wish jar...

And in this wonderful jar, lie all of the little odds and ends I have around my room.

I have old keys to childhood diaries, a clip with torquoise stones, that I found one day at the playground, and never wore but kept all these years.

I have a walnut that I cracked one day, only to find a heart in the center :)

Old friendship bracelets, a little corked bottle of rose quartz, a perfect seashell, a button, beads, a tiny bow, and all the other things that I have had for years, simply because they made me smile and dream, and above all, they helped me retain my childhood whimsy, the notion that you can do anything you want, if you set your mind to it :)

So, I filled up this adorable little jar with all the bits and pieces that I have collected over the years, and for some reason kept, because they meant somethign to me...even though everything in this jar is completely worthless, they all have great sentimental value

SO, my dear readers, I strongly encourage you to create your own wish jar! Everytime I glance at it, I can't help but smile, because it is so filled with things that I love.

I hope you had a fantastic day (I did, I got my drivers' permit!) and that you will wake up tomorrow with all your childhood fantasies dancing in your heart :)

And to spread the cheer, do something nice for someone, even a random person. Perhaps just a smile to brighten their day, because you never know how needed it could be...

Much love,
Ariel :)

Ps. So sorry for the low quality pictures, Im still trying to figure out the best lighting, and sadly, I am working with a terrible camera :( I hope to change that soon, but in the meantime, please just stick with me


  1. You know what's funny? I put my first wish in my own wish jar today too! I love all of your personal little baubles that you put in your jar that make you smile :) After all, that's what it's all about :)

    And congrats on your permit! So exciting!

    Don't forget the shirt, teehee :) xoxo Jess and Snoopy

  2. This is lovely :)

    That walnut made me smile. This is a really sweet idea, I think I may have to make one of my own to sit up on my bookshelf. I think it's a good why to remind you of what makes you happy, and what is important to you. You just look at this little jar of memories and you recall what you love and beautiful, magical times that you have had and kept mementos from.

    Also, congratulations on the driver's permit!

    Have a fantastical day,

  3. Ariel,

    Yes, I would love to get together SOON!!! And we definitely need to remake those ruffle cakes! But, like you said, reduce the frosting quantity by about 90%...

    And I'm so delighted that the Neverland party might become a reality! I really want to throw a party equally fun and zany as Vanessa's annual Mad Tea Party. Perhaps we can throw our Neverland party on Midsummer's Eve? It just sounds like such a magical day :) And since there aren't many big holidays in the summertime besides the Fourth of July, to me, the day that fairies come out to play and Peter Pan visits is the day for a Neverland party :)

    I think that my favorite Pooh character is...Christopher Robbin :) haha actually I like Pooh the best :) (But Christopher Robbin is so cute!!!) AWWWW...

    Well, nighty night and yes, we NEED to get to Michaels soon! It is a necessity! Sweet dreams, hunny bear!

    xoxo Jess