Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of Rainy Days and A (Failed) Road Trip :)

This weekend, a marvolous rainstorm blew in! It was such a treat, dark skies, the sound of rain hitting the roof...

I live in a valley, so we have very poor air quality. Also, we haven't even had a full inch of rain yet, so today was especially wonderful :)

Well, as it so happens, me and my family decided we were going up to Oregon for the weekend, to visit some family.

Sadly, we got halfway up, and then had to stay the night in a hotel because we couldn't make it past the mountains to get into Oregon, it was snowing so heavily!
But, we decided to make the most of it. So, we went to a gas station and bought a bunch of candy, then went back to the hotel and watched movies. So, failed road trip aside, we did get some good family time in after all.

And we finally made it back home, safe and sound :)

Hopefully, I can get my next blog up soon, I have something special planned :) I will talk to you soon lovies!

XOXO, Ariel

Ps. Have a fabulous weekend! Finals are over, and it is time to celebrate!


  1. Yippee! I am so glad finals are over!! And I'm sorry the road trip didn't work out...ah, that's a bummer. But I'm glad you looked at the whole situation with a glass-half-full perspective and who knows? Maybe it was fate. (And now I won't be a loner in PE on Monday...)

    And what was your big news? I'm dying to know...

    I love rainy days :) Today was delicious :)

    Hugs and hunny--have a great weekend!
    xoxo Jess

    P.s. I love the blog makeover!
    And sorry if my name appears weirdly...I couldn't fix it

  2. Hey Ariel!

    Sorry about the road trip but I think sometimes it turns out even better than expected. Candy and movies in a hotel room? And snow!? Sounds blissful to me! I am super duper curious as to your next post. I will be looking forward to it a ton!

    Hope the week ahead will be bright,

  3. Hey Ariel, just letting you know you won a blog award on my blog, and you can pop in my latest post to check out the details and such!