Friday, December 23, 2011


Sorry for being so MIA! Life has caught up with me, and it has been quite the race. Between homework, preparing for Christmas, and studying for finals, Christmas break has flown by and I have had no time to update!

However, I have many posts planned, so bear with me and keep checking, becuase eventually I will find time! Until then, my lovely viewers(Jesscia), have an amazing holiday, no matter what you celebrate!
xoxo, Ariel

A little horse and carriage to brighten your day and remind you that fairy tales do exist, you just have to look hard enough :)

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  1. A,

    Hellloooo! You know what's funny? I am working on a post right now involving Cinderella's horse drawn carriage too! How ironic!

    Haha I hope you have a great rest of break!

    May homework be ended once and for all!

    Ta ta for now and keep dreaming,

    A Woodland Fantasy (like you don't already know...I don't know why I put that under my name after every comment. I should probably stop...) :)