Saturday, December 3, 2011

A crisp winter day...

This weekend has been delightful! A clean room with lit candles, the wind howling outside my window, while I sit in my cozy chair, reading a good book...simply lovely.

Today we went and got our Christmas tree :) It is a delightful specimen, with the most scrumptous pine needle scent and beautiful emerald green in color. We havent put it up or decorated it, because we still have to move some furniture around, but I assure you, it will be up and ready by tomorrow night! Sorry the pic is not up right :(

I love winter, because it is a time to sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and be with your family. It may be cold outside, but indoors we enjoy a snuggly temperature!

Our dog, Luna, loves to sit by the fire, or relax on the sofa. She was the most adorable puppy, but now that she is all grown up she is very majestic(in my opinion ;)) Here are some baby pics. Isnt she adorable!? So soft and tiny...well not that tiny in this pic, but i couldnt find any anothers. oh well

She is a white german shepherd

Also, today I have been at work decorating my room for the season. I strung up lights, did a few arts and crafts, and lit some yummy candles. You can see my cotton ball tree, and pumpkins :) i know they are out of season but i couldnt bear to throw them away...

Scrumptous :)

Well, I must run along, for the oven is calling my name! Goodnight darlings!
xoxo, Ariel

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  1. Dear A,

    Well how delightful! I have to agree that winter is my favorite season as well because of the hot chocolate, comfy sweatshirts, and wonderful fires. A winter wonderland indeed!

    And trust me, I know what it's like to want to hang onto some pumpkins...even if they are out of season. (Did you know they are recyclable? I had no idea!) And I too am decorating for the season with some paper snowflakes that I have yet to spray paint (got the idea from A Fanciful Twist, as you very well know) and I hope to spray them and string them up tomorrow.

    Over at A Woodland Fantasy, we are throwing a lovely Christmas Tea Party on December 10 and it would be delightful if you could join! If you would like to do so, simply post a comment on and copy the invitation (which is featured on the right-hand side of my blog) and post it on your sidebar. And then I will add you to the guest list and voila! You will be participating in a lovely Christmas tea party that is sure to be fantastic! Jenn over at Broomsticks and Lace is already participating, so it's sure to be a blast!

    I love your first post and welcome to blogland, sugah!

    A Woodland Fantasy